Caz winning Best of Breed at Crufts 2006

Caz Trowsdale winning Best of Breed

at Crufts 2006 with

SH CH Raycris Rather Special JW



And Erins Logies Experiances.


When did you go to crufts?

We travelled down on wednesday so we would have a day to rest before the competitions start. we had booked a static caravan that had a huge field to walk the dogs in.


What events wre you entered in at Crufts?
YKC Starters, Obedience , YKC Biathlon & YKCabc agility

YKC flyball  YKC show handling  and breed.


How much training do you do?

As much or as little as i feel like doing.lots of dogs to do.


Which dog is your favorit to work?

At the moment it has to be Hogan as we have done so much together and he has taught me loads. Kai and Alba and buzz are getting there.


How do you feel about your achievments at Crufts?

Great, because its fun and we do loads of stuff together and all the people think i am cute and Hogan is huge.


Did you enjoy being interviewed by Peter Purvis?

Yes it was brill, he is such a great guy and he loved munsterlanders and knew a lot about them. he put me at ease and was very kind to me and Kai.


What did you tell him?

I told him all about my dogs and what we did and how much I love my dogs.


Would you go back to Crufts next year?

Definatley would it is so huge and lots to do . hope i qualify


What is it like doing junior handling?

Great fun because you get to meet other kids adn there dogs and i have pals allover the country now that i wouldnt know if i didnt handle. it is great to do munsters as not many people do.

Do you enjoy all the travelling?

Yeah I sleep and see different places and my mum bought me a DVD player so she can hear all my films.

Do you look after your own dogs like brush them etc?

i walk them , groom and feed them and cuddle them all the time. i help my mum to cut the fur on their feet and hocks. i do it better!!!!


What is your favorit activity?

Agility because it is great fun and the dogs love it even when it goes wrong they dont know and just have a ball.


How do other people in your breed feel about your achiements?

Really nice and they all know my name and talk to me at the shows when i am always at the kitchen eating food. they think i need wormed!!!!!

We would like to thank Erin for taking the time to do this interview.