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This is a transcript of exclusive interview with Raymond Butler and Helen Evans
On their experiences at Large Munsterlander Field Trial in Essex in December 2005

Raymond Butler was Non Panel Judge and Helen Evans was Chief Steward on the day with Tony Russell the “A” panel judge.

The Trial was held on Thursday 29th December 2005 it was a very cold day
and Raymond had to drive through a blizzard in Lincolnshire to get to Essex.
This was a Novice Field Trial as opposed to an All age Trial or Open Trial
There were 12 entered (Runners) and three reserves, two runners withdrew which meant that two reserves got a run…then a third runner had to withdraw as he was unable to get to Trial due to the awful weather, this allowed the third  reserve to get a run.
Their were five munsterlanders running three of them Show Champions requiring a
a Field Trial qualification to gain their full title.
None of the munsterlanders were featured in the awards for various reasons.
Each dog gets about 10 min run or less time if it “hunt point and retrieves” to the satisfaction of the judges on the day, but a dog can be eliminated during its run for “running in”  “missing birds” etc.  Out of the 12 starters  10 had a second run, with two left in for a third run, the  weimaraner being the only dog taken to the water retrieve.
This dog was the only dog to gain an award, a CoM, which made it up to a “full” Champion.
The weather was not conducive to good trialling as the extreme cold makes it very hard for the dogs not least at the water test, all the ponds were frozen hard and the judges were fortunate to find open water on a flowing river.
The game to hand was mostly pheasant although rabbits were pointed and flushed.
To participate in a Field Trial dogs are required to quarter ground in search of game, to point game , to flush on command, to be steady to flush, shot and fall and to retrieve tenderly to hand on command from land and water.And all dogs must be under control at all times.


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