A wee Story :
Are you sitting comfortably? then let us begin...
Sprinderellas wicked step sisters (Tilda & Roselda)
went to the show ball and left Springderalla @ home on her own to do the chores. Shw was so sad she went to visit her sister ( not wicked & not ugly sister please note Carol) to stay for a "sleep over" While she was there she was invted to the agility ball to see Prince Charming (Ace) and his Dad King Kai(not Kong) and the Page boy Hogan and wee Buz. She had a great time see enclosed pictures & was so pleased not to be with her wicked step sisters at the show Ball where it was very hot and very boring and not the place for little puppies Aunty Nicky told her ...hope you enjoy the photos better than the wee ditty



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