Hogan is a really fun dog. He enjoys everything he does and is a great family dog. He likes nothing better than playing with his pal Erin.

He is a good all round dog and can be seen in some agility competitions doing his bit. He also loves showing and has done well for us in the showring. He has won many Best of Breeds (BOB) and also won his class at crufts on his first visit to the show.

Hogan's best human pal is Erin. She has grown up with Hogan and cannot be seperated from him. She enjoys training him and is very good at clicker training with him.

When Erin was 5 years old she started competing at agility with Hogan and has surprised everyone with her handling skills with a dog which is nearly as big as her. Hogan is very much Erin's dog and will do almost anything for her. Erin, at 5years old, entered Hogan in a fun day triathlon which involved doing an obedience, agility and a fast retrieve. There were 15 entered in the class, where all the other handlers were adults. She was amazing with him and won the class without any extra help, it was all her and Hogan. They also went on to win the Junior Handling that day. We were very proud of them both.