Agility is a fast moving sport for dogs of all shapes and sizes.there are lots of different classes depending on your experiance . Munsters love agility and can do it well when they put their minds to it. On ths page I will try and explain about some of the equipment that the dogs have to master.
Hurdle - is basically a jump, set at different heights depending on the size of dog.

A-frame.- is a piece of contact equipment which has yellow marks on it that the dog must touch or it will receive a fault.
Dog Walk - Another piece of contact equipment and has the same mark to touch, the dog walk is a longer shpe made up of three planks. Tunnel - there are two tunnels , the cloth tunnel and the rigid tunnel . the rigid tunnel is a long pipe shaped tunnel that can be curved to add a bit of a difference. the cloth tunnel is made from a waterproof material and has a
entrance. some dogs have trouble to start with the cloth tunnel but soon ge tthe hang of it. Long jump- the long jump is a low set of hurdles that are spread out to a length of 5 ft. weave - the weave is the hardest to trian and the easiest to

.kai doing agility with erin

It can go wrong consist of 6 9 or 12 poles and the dog must weave in and out at the quickest speed possble. tyre  - the tyre is a hoop which the dog must jump through. see saw  - this is the last of the contact equipment and tilts half way up to give the see saw motion it also has yellow marks which must be touched.
Hogan and Erin
Agility is fun and you should give it a go. please get intouch and I will find your nearest club for you and your pooch to go to. Dogs must be at least 1 year old to start but even then they must not over do it. It is advisable to have your dog hip scored before it starts in any big breed just to make sure all is weel for your dog as agility can put a lot of strain on
joints. dogs must be healthy and fit.  [owners too!!!!]

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