Nicky and Kelsey account of Gastric Torsion

As many of you may know, Kelsey had to have an operation last Sunday as she developed bloat. It is the most severe and painful thing for a dog to get and comes on so suddenly that time is of the essence.


It was a hour or so after her tea and she went to the door and began to try to be sick. We rushed to let her out to save the carpet and let her wander for a minute on her own, she came back in terribly pale, tongue hanging out, panting uncontrollably and her heart beating like it was going to jump out of her body. I told Eric to phone the vet and tell him to meet us at the practice as Kel was showing signs of torsion. We were there within 10 minutes, had her x-rayed and our worst fears were realised . The vet told us how serious it was (we already knew) and we said goodbye to our beloved Kelsey thinking there was a good chance we might not see her again. You can imagine the state we were in. Our vet is so good and had known Kel since she was days old so he was feeling it too. He operated on her within 20 minutes and she got through the op, but the next three days were classed as critical.


She was very out of it that night, (we got her home as the vet has no one there all night and he knows the best place for any animal is home) but seemed a little better in the morning. We took her back down to the vet that morning to be checked and he was still worried because of her age (she is 10). The next day was a little better and we were becoming quite optimistic about her, when she started to be very sick and it wouldn't stop. Back to the vet and bad news, he would have to go in again for a look. The same state again as we said goodbye for a second time, but this time the vet was under instruction that she was not to be brought round if what he saw inside was bad and could not be worked out - she means too much to us to put her through that. Well she is a fighter and she came through, and fingers crossed she is doing OK. She is a fit healthy dog for her age and this has really helped pull her through and time will tell now how it goes. We can only hope.


Bloat/ torsion is a terrible thing but you must be aware of it as it can strike at any time. We did everything to avoid it, she ate form a raised stand, never exercised before or after a meal and didn't gorge herself. The only thing is she a deep-chested dog. Be vigilant with your dogs and if you are in doubt about the symptoms call the vet, it could save your dogs life.

Nicky and Kelsey

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