Raycris the Winning team

In October 2006 at Midland Counties Championship Show

QuestaV. st. Vit of Raycris won her 3rd CC and so making her a show champion. And last week Fee (QuestaV. st. Vit of Raycris) Was awarded her show Gundog working certificate and so making Fee into a full champion.

Fee on point

Raymond tells us Fee had a blind retrieve on a pheasant in a stream, then she had to work a hedgerow always difficult but she still managed to find a pheasant which she pointed beautifully the bird got up and was shot but the gun missed . She was asked later to retrieve a bird from water.

Well done Fee.

Raymond tells me Fee has 3 CC AND 3 reserve CCS

And to top all this for Raycris Eva.......

Eva (Raycris sweet Aria JW ) Has also gained her show Gundog working certificate.

Eva had a beat field to work and she found a partridge which she pointed but this partridge was not shot, so later she had a lovely retrieve with a pheasant and she had to swim and retrieve another bird .

Well done the Raycris Kennel on there" showing success and their working success too".


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