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First Munster....showing munsters,

We bought our first munster in 1995. We didn't really know a lot about the breed except what they looked like as we knew both of Kelsey's parents. We had never really seen any other munsters in the fur. As we came from a dog training background we didn't really forsee any problems with this breed so we decided to go ahead and get one.
Christine [kelsey's breeder] phoned us to say that the pups had arrived and if we were interested we could go down and see them. well you didn't have to say that twice and we were down the next day. All the pups were lovely but one little girl caught my eye. she seemed to be a bit of a twit and would crawl round the box while all the others were scoffing. I put my hand in the box and she came over and sucked my finger, well that was it and she was picked to be ours. We took pictures of her and she had red wool round her neck so was nicknamed red stringy. We went down a lot to see her and 7 weeks seemed a long time to wait until she could come home. We had said we might show her just for something to do until she was old enough to train for my favourite hobby , agility. A friend of Christine's came to go over the pups to sort the good from the pet and he wasn't that impressed with Kelsey but that didn't put me off as I liked her and I wasn't really into showing.
Well the day came and we went to get her, we lived in a flat at the time but were planning on moving to the country very soon. it was hard work carrying her up and down the stairs to let her out as she got bigger and heavier but luckily when she was three months old we sold the flat and moved here to our cottage in the country. we have a large garden , with a small wodd across the road and use of all the fields round us, munster heaven.
Well kelsey's first show was soon upon us and we went along a bit apprehensive about it . We met some other munster owners and kel seemed to like it. we were lucky and she won her first ever class. I was so proud of her. we went to some more show, gotloads of firsts and qualified for crufts and that was it , i had caught the show bug. My car mileage would never be the same again!!!
Kelsey turned out not to be the ugly duckling that they thought she was and had a very successful show career gaining 5 cc's and 6 res cc's also over 30 best of breeds at open shows. We could never have dreamt about doing that with my first munster and she was a great introduction to the breed as we now have 4 gorgeous munsters that have all brought pleasure to us in their own way. The one thing I can tell yuo about munsters is that no two are the same. they will always surprise you with a new trick. They love water and getting dirty and they think it is great to sit on your knee. These clowns are not for the weekend dog owners - they like a run and need company of humans or other dogs. hunting instincts in most are high and you could say that sometimes when you walk a group of munsters then you walk alone. If you have the time and energy required for one of these amazing dogs then you will in return get a loving ,loyal and handsome best pal.


Showing – A Novice Munster Owners’ Experience

Elvis as a young boy

Elvis at Ring Craft


When I first decided to get a Large Munsterlander in 2003, I never thought about showing, I just wanted a pet. It wasn’t until we went to collect Elvis (Qualitil Unforgetable) that Helen (Evans) & Maureen (Gray) suggested that we should give showing a go.
So, as soon as Elvis had all his jags, we went to our first Ringcraft class, it was good but I must admit I didn’t take it very seriously & soon Elvis & I were regularly being told off for not being well behaved enough. But we persevered & before long we were getting ready for our first Championship Show. It was SKC at Ingliston in May 2004 & Elvis won a 3rd (out of 3 though!!!). This automatically qualified us for Crufts, which for me was a really big thing. After that I can safely say I was bitten by the Show Bug. We attended several shows in 2004 & we were lucky enough to get placed at every one. Our Best Result in 2004 was at the Large Munsterlander Club Show in June 2004. Elvis & I had entered 2 classes (Minor Puppy & Novice) & we came away from that show with 2 2nd Places. That was a great day for us, plus, it was amazing to see so many (approx 90) Large Munsterlanders in 1 place.

Sadly it all went downhill from there; Elvis was turning into & Big Strong Boy & his “Playful” Naughtiness was quickly turning into full blown “Terrorism”. Things all came to a head at the end of June 2004 when we were at Kelso for the Natural Aptitude Test & Border Union Show. Elvis was running rings round me & I was seriously starting to doubt my ability to own such a Large Dog. Fortunately Help was at hand in the form of Elvis’ Breeder, Maureen plus several other experts in the Breed who were all more than willing to give me tips on how to handle such a Big & Boisterous Boy. It took a long time & a lot of effort, but in the beginning of 2005, I began to see a major change in Elvis (for the better) & we were soon getting ready for the show season again.

March 2005 saw the arrival of Crufts. That was a great experience. We were entered in the Post Graduate Class. It was a huge class of 13 & I had no great hopes of doing anything. All I wanted was for us to get through the class without any tantrums!! Elvis was so good though, he stood well for the judge, letting her thoroughly go over him & I was later told that he moved brilliantly round the ring. I was overjoyed when we got picked out for the final line up & ended up with VHC (5th). It was a fantastic experience & really gave me the confidence to continue. We entered a few more Championship Shows in 2005 & continued to get placed in most of them, our best result that year was at the Large Munsterlander in Club Show in June 2005, where we got a 1st & a 3rd.

I am really looking forward to 2006, I am planning on going to a lot more shows & seeing if Elvis & I can continue to do as well as we have in the past 18 months.

My advice to anyone considering showing their Munsterlander (or any other breed), would be to get along to a ringcraft class, ask as many questions as you can, practice at home, go to a few local open shows to get experience & most importantly of all, Enjoy it. It is a fun hobby & you can end up meeting some really interesting people who will be more than happy to give you advice if you need it.

Tilly Elvis's mum....

This was Tilly at Birmingham

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