Franorst Tilly Crothie JW Story


We have great excitment here today, there is a big "Championship show" this weekend and my mother and her children and her childrens children and my wee sister x2 will be there having a party. It is not easy getting to this stage of partaking in a Dog show.

The first step is at 6 weeks when Mum gets her friend Helen to come along and "assess us " she grades us good :bad :indifferent Tilly 6 weeksand we are photographed on all sides Tilly 6 weeksIf we pass this test we are started on a programme to turn us into Show dogs

We are fed special food and taken to classes where we learn how to behave at a show

Tilly at Ring craftWe go through all stages when mum says oh you are awful and them that know say "fools and bairns should not see a half finnished job??!!"Tilly still growing

After all this growing has been done hopefully we are ready for the show ring.

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