...before Skye’s last Dog Show of the year.


We will put an extra effort into our preparations as this is the last big show of the year so lots to do. Nails to cut and polish,Paws before and after (A before and after picture??!! )

hair to wash and tugs to comb out all of which can be a little traumatic and then you have to repeat on the dog. Hopefully you can see two photos of Skye’s paws and tail before any treatment and we will follow up with after pictures once we can get Skye out from under the bed. Skyes tail(an After tail)


It will be a Family Affair at the Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland. Skye will see her mum (Maggie), dad (Kai), sister (Spring) and half sister (Tilly) at the show where they will all be in their best coat and tails.  


I’ve also promised to write a summary of our experiences and thoughts this year as Skye is our first dog and the first time showing. Previous exposure has been the occasional glimpse at Crufts on the TV so in at the deep end.

       Carol and Skye

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