If you found your dog in distress ? Salivating excessively,drooling, tries to vomit,whinging, crying with the pain and discomfort , very restless, pacing, normal gurgling and digestive sounds in the tummy are absent,and if you feel their tummy they feel rock hard. If you find your dog in this state you have a life threatening canine emergency and as the bloat continues the heart rate increases and the dogs gum colour will turn to white or blue as the bloat progresses.

You must get your dog to the vet Immediately this is a life threatening condition.

The vet will operate immediately to relief the pressure on the stomach and straighten the "torsioned gut" This twisting of the gut results in some or all of the gut being damaged which may result in the damaged areas of gut having to be removed. Even after surgical intervention death can occur.


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